Starter Kits

Ordering from Young Living is easy!

Join as a Member:

Purchase a Starter Kit and SAVE 24% on every order! (There are additional benefits to being a Young Living Member listed at the bottom of this page.)


Order as a Retail Customer:

Simply order from Young Living and enjoy our great products in your own home or office without purchasing a Starter Kit.

In case you are wondering, the best deal is to become a Member with the purchase of one of the PREMIUM STARTER KITS!

If you have specific items you would like to order and do not wish to purchase one of the Premium Starter Kits, we do have a Basic Starter Kit for $45.

Think of this kit as your LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP* to a wholesale buyers club. Purchasing this kit will qualify you to SAVE 24% as a Member. Plain and Simple.

*As long as you purchase at least 50 pv of product per year, your membership stays active.

Membership makes sense:

  • Save 24% off of retail prices
  • No monthly obligation to purchase products
  • Never an obligation to sell products
  • You have the option of participating in the Young Living business opportunity
Your account will remain active as long as you order at least 50 PV per year (50 PV usually equals $50). When you set up your account, you will be assigned your own Member number to use when ordering products and referring people to Young Living.

Anyone who thinks they might purchase Young Living essential oils regularly or plans on placing large orders every now and then will save money as a Member.

To Order by Phone:

Call Young Living Customer Service at 1-800-371-3515 between 5:00 am and 10:00 pm (MT) Monday - Saturday; Closed Sundays.

Please use sponsor #827420 when asked. Thank You!

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email or text me at 609-607-7580.